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Customer Agreement The undersigned hereby makes application for an English Riding Supply Western Website Dealership and provides information contained herein, which is warranted to be true and correct, for the purpose of the above named business to make periodic purchases of goods placed on our Turn Two Website only and to prepay each order on credit card only basis. In consideration thereof, it is agreed and understood that
(1) the undersigned is an authorized agent of the applicant and is duly empowered to enter into and make binding agreements on its behalf;
(2) amounts charged under the credit card provided are hereby authorized to be charged for purchases made under English Riding Supply.
(3) Orders cannot be called into English Riding Supply, only placed on the website.
(4) The undersigned customer further agrees that it shall not permit or suffer any change in ownership of such account number issued. Returns are not accepted under this dealership other than defective product. In the event of a credit card chargeback the Undersigned acknowledges that this Website Dealership Account will be closed. If further collections are necessary to collect a credit card charge back, the amount of 10% will be added to the balance for collection fees incurred.

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